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Capt. Bethany Carpenter The Ohio Naval Militia (ONM) is an organized military unit that has been serving the State of Ohio and our nation since 1896. The unit serves under Ohio's adjutant general and is headquartered at the Camp Perry Joint Training Center, Port Clinton, Ohio.

Ohio's adjutant general is responsible for Ohio's organized militia, which includes the Ohio National Guard and the State Defense Force. Ohio’s State Defense Force is comprised of the ONM, the Ohio Military Reserve and the Ohio Cyber Reserve. See the Ohio Revised Code - Chapter 5921.

If you are 17 or older and want to serve your state in a naval defense force, the ONM needs you.

If you would like to learn more about nautical operations and the Ohio Naval Militia, and would be willing to volunteer one weekend a month and a week of annual training, please contact our recruiting officer, LTJG Bergsman, at 614-654-4424 for more information.

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